Sunday, October 28, 2012

Today's Photo Journal: Dragon and Shark costumes debut

UPDATE!  Get the Shark Pattern Here

UPDATE!  Get the Toothless Pattern Here

The Dragon (Bitty wanted to look like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon) and Shark costumes made their debut last night at our church's fall Trunk or Treat event. Wait 'til you see the rest...

I had my doubts about whether I'd get Bitty into his costume, let alone get a decent picture.  For the last several days since I finished the hoodie and the tail, all Bitty wanted to do was carry the tail around and play with it.  He threw a whiny fit every time I wanted to actually put it on him to fit something-or-other. 

All Bitty's grousing went out the window, however, with Big Boy's enthusiasm and the church family's attention.  He loved it when he put the costume on and everybody started eating out of his hand.  That child is a total clown.  We joke regularly about saving for Big Boy's college and Bitty's bail.  Where Big Boy is our model citizen, Bitty looms large as the attention hog.  Just today, over lunch, we joked with Gran about Bitty going to school next year and the high likelihood that he'll come home on "yellow" every day.  Sigh.  I swear we're parenting the same way, but personality shines through in both our wonderful, blessed boys.  Nature vs. nurture, right?

Big Boy strutted his stuff in that costume, man.  Strutted...and nearly knocked my light kit over...along with a few props, moved chairs, left old ladies on their backs.  If you decide to make this costume I should warn you, that tail IS a little treacherous.

He proudly proclaimed, "It's a great white."  So much for the speedy mako shark...this kiddo liked the fierce teeth on the hood and immediately decided they looked more like Jaws. 

Oh, and we had to get a picture out by the water.  "Look, Momma!  If I stand like this I look more like a real shark!"

You can tell these bananaheads weren't having any fun at all, right?

And there you have it...

Check back later this week for a tutorial!  (See the Pattern Launch Posting here!)