Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Funniest 2-year-old Conversation Ever...

Daddy:  Stop sucking that thumb. 
Bitty Boy:  I need it. 
Daddy:  But it'll mess up your mouth, dude. 
Bitty Boy:  I want it. 
Daddy:  I want crack cocaine, but I can't have it because it's not good for me. 
Bitty Boy:  It's good for me. 
Daddy:  What?  Crack cocaine? 
Bitty Boy:  Yes. 
Daddy:  Have you had crack cocaine? 
Bitty:  Yes. 
Daddy:  When? 
Bitty:  I had it on the bed. 
Daddy:  Oh yeah?  Who's your dealer? 
Bitty:  Gabrielle (Girl in Big Boy's preschool class) 
Daddy:  Did you pay for it? 
Bitty:  Yes. 
Daddy:  How much? 
Bitty:  17...15...17. 
Daddy:  That's a lot.  Where'd you get the money? 
Bitty:  Target. 
Daddy:  Oh, do you work at Target? 
Bitty:  Yes. 
Daddy:  What department do you work in, electronics? 
Bitty:  No.  No I don't, Daddy. 
Daddy:  Do you work in the clothing department. 
Bitty:  Yes.  (Runs away.)