Monday, July 02, 2012

Today's Photo Journal: A Slice of Key Lime

A few days ago Miss Shara brought me this lovely quilt she made from Hoffman Bali Pops in Key Lime.  I've totally come around to the beauty of batiks as I quilt more, and these stunning colors are perfect for quilting a Florida quilt in view of the idyllic East Bay.  She wanted the quilt to stay nice and fluffy, so we went with a simple, loose meander all over.

Shara's the same lady who put together this fun subway tile quilt from Amy Butler fabrics.  It's hard to see the quilting on it because the fabrics are so dynamic in and of themselves, but I covered it with running lines of script with the words, "faith, hope, love, joy," and added a few tiny embellishments in-between.  Again, not too dense.  (She's not crazy about dense decorative quilting.  She likes soft and pliable so they can be comfy and snuggly for the recipient.  I'm a huge fan of a client who makes quilts with the intention that people should actually use them!)

Here's a look at the whole sha-bang, right before I removed it from frame.  

I can't wait to see this beauty bound! (...and that makes me wonder what color she'll use and...oh, I could do this for hours...)

And these are the world's most amazing baked beans, (no really!) courtesy of my darling husband who made dinner while I quilted.  Tonight the house smells positively tantalizing.  Tomorrow...?  Let's just say I will be inundated with giggling little boys and their endless "aromatic" humor.  :)

* * *

Oo la la!  Shara just sent me this gorgeous photo to share with you of the completed quilt, which she has titled, "Key Lime Burst."  Guess I don't have to wonder about that binding anymore.  :)  Bravo!

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