Friday, July 13, 2012

Today's Photo Journal: Summer Pleasures

I just love the way a dark, flashy rumbler comes across the bay toward the house right at naptime.  The water never seems more enchanting than right before a storm arrives with the sky dark enough to knock down the reflections while the patches of sunlight offer glowing green pools in the murk.  This one left an eerie look across the yard and sky as it blotted out the sunlit yard over the course of a few seconds.

I love how the colors changed so quickly.  (Except watermarking, these haven't been retouched.)   

As we watched our little storm descend, we feasted on yummy, bright tomatoes and peaches from our favorite local farmer's stand.  Their bellies full of southern sunshiny goodness, my stinky boys have dropped off for a little snooze. 

Goodness all around.  This one hasn't been retouched either.  :)
Time to do a little cleaning before the Gals come over to sew tomorrow...  Hmm, but these bright reds and oranges are practically begging me to jump into the Moda Salt Air charm pack I bought earlier this week. 

Cleaning's overrated, right?