Monday, August 13, 2012

Today's Photo Journal: Getting Ready for School

My Big Boy is growing up.

It's so hard sometimes to remember that I need to let him do things on his own.  This week he came in with a glass of iced tea for my husband.  I knew he climbed the ultra-tall, barstool (with no back or arms) to reach the glasses in the high cabinet and again to remove the full jug of tea from the top shelf of the fridge.  My first instinct was to scold him, and then I reminded myself that he just wanted to do something generous.  All week, he's asked repeatedly to help around the house.  My heart positively sings when he demonstrates his glad, giving nature.  And he's 5 years old...he's getting big enough to do all kinds of things by himself.

He starts Kindergarten in a week, and I won't be home.  I missed the first day of preschool and now I'm missing the first day of real, big-kid school.  With my constant traveling to fulfill my Air Force Reserve commitments, I'm frequently struck by how much my family is forced to cope without me there to pull my weight.  Even though I want to continue to serve, and most of my TDYs are voluntary, I'm so envious that Keith and my mom will be there to see Big Boy off and I'll miss it.  Instead of shedding tears while watching that small boy get on that gigantic bus, I'll be at work stifling the tears of not seeing it at all. 

It's a lunchbox!  It's a hat!

Still, I'm tough.  I'm in the military, right?  When it comes right down to it, my duty only amounts to about 3 or 4 months each year, it's just spread out in a way that makes it seem more pervasive.  So I temper my sadness with the knowledge that though I miss many, many special days, I'm there most of the time.   I'm still essentially a stay-at-home mom.  I might have missed Bitty Boy's birthday, but I was there to kiss his boo-boo.

I might miss Big Boy's first day of school, but you better believe he's going to have pieces of me with him.  He'll be clothed in my love...I'll snuggle him all the way there, keeping him warm and dry.  I'll even provide the lunch.  If he knows his Momma loves him, no matter where she is, then I've done my job.  And if God will keep him safe from harm until I can make it home to him, then I don't have any complaints either.

* * *

As for the lunchbox, well, it was a hit, and you'll see a tutorial soon enough.  :)