Sunday, September 23, 2012

Product Faves: Katie's Super Soap

Besides all the laundry associated with having three children in the house (including SuperHusband...I'm basically a single parent, you know), my machine does overtime with all the pre-washing associated with sewing and quilting.
I am totally hooked on a new dye-free, fragrance-free laundry soapSure, there's nothing new about gentle laundry alternatives, but the really cool thing about this one is that my friend Katie makes it!  And the price is right at $2/gallon.

She started making her brew last winter and gave me a small 3-load sample.  I must admit:  I hesitated at first because my boys have ultra-sensitive, fair skin.  I mean, really, with all the stuff flying around on Pinterest, who knows what kind of homemade soap recipe someone might cook up?  Hers worked wonders on our worst stains, didn't fade my fabrics, and there's nary a hive in sight.  

Not only is her goo kind to the epidermis, it's green, too.  Like that fancy packaging?  One of the reasons she can offer her fabulous price is because most of her customers either fill their old commercial containers or exchange empty (clean) milk jugs for full ones.  No waste, no mark-up. 

We're total converts at Chez Olivia, and no -- before you ask -- my super-mom-sister-friend isn't paying me in money or free product to say all this.

If you live in the Fort Walton Beach-Navarre-Gulf Breeze-Pensacola area of the Florida panhandle, consider giving it a try.  No website to speak of, but you can either direct-message her through her fb page or let me know through a comment (be sure to include your email address) and I'll put you in touch.