Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Today's Photo Journal: Marine Biologist or Artiste?

Looks like we have another artist in the family.

SuperHusband:  What's this that you drew?
Big Boy:  (Matter-of-Factly) A piranha.

Well, obviously, right?  I love the teeth!!

And that's just the beginning...

He sounded out all these words by himself!  (Okay, I'm not sure about "apple," but he did the others in front of me.)  He nailed all his sight words tonight and read whole sentences from his homework -- the only real help we gave was the occasional encouraging look or nod.  Smarty-pants.  

And finally the coups de grace: 

SuperHusband:  And what's this one?
Big Boy:  A Deep Sea Gulper Eel.  (My superhero telepathy registered the unspoken, "DUH.")

Did I mention he wants to be a shark for Halloween?  Not just any shark.  A Mako.  No, seriously.  We have to get this right, because "Makos are the FASTEST, Momma!" 

On a different note, I glowed with pride as he oooo'd and aaaah'd over a wonky log cabin quilt at the fabric store today.  I can't wait to get this kiddo on the sewing machine.   :)  Judging by his first art exhibit, he could give Ricky Tims a run for his money...