Monday, January 07, 2013

Interview Tips for the Nanny Applicant

Dear Nanny,

1.  Unless he is here to translate for you, please do not bring your adult son and his child bride to your job interview with you.  One stranger in my home is quite enough.  Thank you.

2.  Please be truthful about your expected salary on the sitter site.  It was a little insulting when I offered you more than your advertised rate and you acted like *I* was smoking crack.

3.  Please do not converse in a language that I do not understand IN MY a JOB INTERVIEW.

4.  NO, I WILL NOT HIRE YOUR DAUGHTER-IN-LAW with whom I did not exchange a SINGLE WORD while you were here.  I contacted YOU, based on YOUR listing.  When would I like her to begin?  Seriously?  Sha.

5.  Please do not act surprised that I would expect you to quit your current job and show up for work before 3 p.m. for a FULL TIME NANNY POSITION that YOU APPLIED FOR.

6.  When I say, "It doesn't sound like this is the right fit," that's my nice way of saying the interview is over.  Don't try to keep negotiating me up to your rate or pawning more members of your family on me.

Other than that, you did awesome!  We'll let you know.  :)