Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Busy, busy!

Wow!  So much has happened!  We've been all birthdays and company and traveling and Air Force duty, not to mention QuiltWest, which continues to progress.  Nearly all the quilt tops are in from our hard-working sewistas, and I've completed long arm quilting on two of them!  Check out these rockin' paisleys, yo.

I bet you think I've totally let the shark costume drop off the map, but I haven't.  I'm in the process of revising some of the pieces and steps to make it WAY easier with far better results.  Might be a few days yet, but HOORAY for easier/better!

Speaking of sharks, here's a quick preview of Big Boy's birthday cake.  More to come on that...

So on to some BIG NEWS:

- First, I'm thrilled to say I can officially use the "I've been featured on FaveQuilts" button, because not one but TWO of my tutorials have been featured there in as many days!  You can check them out here and here.  YAY!

FaveQuilts Featured Button

I should mention that a few days ago I did a posting on quilting with precuts that also listed resources for free quilt patterns.  Though FaveQuilts is not focused on precuts, they offer tons of free quilt patterns in addition to the other resources I listed in that posting.

- Next, I finally got around to creating pages for my long arm quilting services and a gallery of quilting techniques I offer. So give me a shout if you want some kickin' custom quilting!  YAY!

- Another big milestone...  I'm a sponsor of a quilt along over on Quilting Gallery.  (I feel so "official."  I've never sponsored anything like this before.)  Check out Michele's Aiming for Accuracy quilt along by clicking the button below.  My grand prize offering is $100 off custom quilting services.  YAY!

Aiming for Accuracy Quilt-Along

And finally, though I can't spill the beans just yet, I'm in the midst of another big milestone that's taking up some of my blogging time.  Hang with'll be worth it, I promise!

So there's the very brief data dump on what's been kind of a landmark week.  Thanks for being awesome and supportive.  Seriously.