Monday, October 21, 2013

Today's Photo Journal: Over the QuiltWest Hump!

That, my friends, is perhaps the largest stack of binding ever.  (Okay, except maybe in a factory where they make the stuff commercially, but you know what I mean.)  That bottom layer measures up to roughly the size of a 9-inch round layer of cake!

QuiltWest is still in full swing.  So many lovely ladies have come together to make these beautiful quilts!  Need the background?  Check out these posts:

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Here's Miss Sherry putting together that binding...

...and Miss Millie, JoAnn and Wendy stitching tops together like madwomen.  Wendy has since had that baby and little Q. is a handsome handful!

Can't forget Kim.  She stopped by this weekend and finished piecing her first quilt.

Wendy might've had the baby, but I'm pretty sure Kim felt like a proud mama by the time she presented her completed quilt top!

It's been a big effort for this small group to put together and quilt all these quilts.

Others who've completed quilt tops aren't pictured here, like Tina and Jennifer, and there are the fabulous ladies -- Vickie, Donna and Kerry -- at Lynn's Sewing Center who are lovingly hand-stitching the binding on all the quilts.  I can't forget Sheri and the Sewing Center Around the Block who's quilting one of the tops.

Allow me to introduce the newest additions to the volunteer team: 

The ladies of the Lady of the Lake Quilt Guild in Lake City, Florida!  They have agreed to quilt four of the tops.  THANK YOU!

I met Miss Ruth from the guild while traveling back from Miami.  I stopped in to a WAY cool store, the Fabric Art Shop, where we connected over rulers and quilting books.  What a thoroughly neat shop filled with neater people!  Isn't it amazing the incredible people you meet in this world of threads, fibers and artistry?  I told Ruth about QuiltWest and asked if they might have some long-armers who might like to help.  She said yes on the spot!  If you're ever driving up I-75 in Florida, you should stop and see her at exit 427.

Three of the quilts are completely done, while others need quilting or binding.  What a pile I have to mail to Lake City and a couple more to drop off at Lynn's!  Even though I think we're technically less than halfway done, it certainly feels like the home stretch.

Finally, I don't ever want to let an update pass without recognizing others who have provided financial support to this effort.  Mary in Guam made a donation toward fabric and supplies, and Al Doan and the team at Missouri Star Quilt Company offered us the backing at a discount.

A hearty thanks again to all the wonderful people making this happen!  Check the JustSewOlivia facebook page or follow JustSewOlivia on Instagram for regular updates on QuiltWest progress.