Monday, April 09, 2007

My Sweetheart's home!

After three and a half months apart, SuperHusband stepped off the plane last Wednesday morning (April 4) and into my waiting arms. His commander was there with my camera willing to capture our moment.

SuperHusband returned on the rotator -- a commercial flight contracted by the military that carries only deploying/redeploying service members into and out of the Middle East -- after nearly 24 straight hours of flying (with stops for fuel, of course). Having made the trip myself in the past, I can testify that it's a grueling trip. Imagine cramped coach accommodations all the way, competing for the armrest with big guys packing lots of gear, and your layovers do not include nice airports with fancy food courts.
I decided to greet my Sweetheart with a big yellow bow on my positively rotund belly -- a look (and experience) he's been deprived of during his deployment. He poked, prodded and rubbed on my buddha all day, and the baby did its fair share of showing off, performing a Cirque de Soleil routine complete with flips, hiccups, kicks and contortionist stretches all in that first day.

Most people want to do one thing as soon as they return home: shower. (If one "vacationed" in a particularly austere location, he or she may even gaze longingly at the toilet upon crossing the threshold into his or her long-awaited domicile.) SuperHusband posed no exception -- a shower topped the list of planned activities for the day. But after that, to each his own. Many of us like to sleep, even though we know the smart plan is to stay awake until bedtime. I think I slept for three straight days -- or was it three weeks, I can't remember -- when I returned from the Middle East two years ago.
My sweetie recovered like a champ, though. He went home, showered and then we ran the baby store gauntlet, settling on the glider, crib and carseat/stroller combination. (Our credit got a workout, too, but we'll stick to the super-happy stuff.) At any rate, now that we've passed through our just-reunited-couple-retreat time, I'll be back to regular blogging possibly as early as next week. (We're in another graduate class right now. UGH!)


  1. You look beautiful Olivia! Welcome home Keith! I think Squirt has missed you!!!! Lots of love - Jen

  2. Love the blog, O. Glad to know Keith is home safely.

  3. Yay! Welcome home, Keith! Just in time for the truly fun part of pregnancy-- watching your stomach jump!


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