Saturday, November 10, 2012

Contest Winner: A Big (Boy) Responsibility

Big Boy accepted the honor of pulling the name for our big contest winner.  Before the big moment, I carefully printed out multiple strips for every one who entered the contest.

We moved it outdoors so we could share our gorgeous day with you.  :)   The DSLR wasn't at the ready this evening, and my 4S, though it has an amazing camera, doesn't cope with wiggly boys as well.  So my photos are a little second-rate. 

He took his job very seriously as he pulled a single folded paper from my pretty bowl from Empty Bowls, a very cool art benefit for the homeless in San Antonio, Texas.  Every year artisans from the San Antonio Potter's Guild make beautiful handmade vessels for purchase at a very reasonable price.  Guests choose a bowl (or in my case several), then fill up on donated gourmet soup from local restaurants and a piece of yummy bread.

But I digress.  Drum roll, please...

Congratulations, Amy P!  I'll email you to set up delivery of your prize, a cute baby gift set with diaper-style burp cloth and oversized swaddle-perfect receiving blanket handmade by yours truly! 

Thanks, y'all, for entering!  I have awesome readers...I'm just sayin'.