Saturday, December 01, 2012

Today's Photo Journal: A Berry Christmas Quilt

I am so enjoying this journey of sewing and quilting and blogging about it.  Between my tutorials, my students and long arm clients, I'm gradually gaining an entire new circle of friends and colleagues.  I can't believe how many talented people surround me, but even more astonishing is the discovery that the beauty of their creations almost always reflects the quality of their hearts.  The act of spending long periods of time in the painstaking process of creation -- almost always for the benefit of someone else -- belies a tremendous serenity of spirit and generosity of soul.

These people play, dance and laugh, and the most critical remarks they save for their own works.  I am equal parts humbled and delighted.

And so this month I enjoyed the distinct pleasure of taking on a client who made her first quilt not for herself, but for her mother.  A happy, bright Christmas quilt, filled with metallics and motion.

Miss M. wanted a simple allover quilting pattern, but I couldn't just meander on something that just shouts the season.  This quilt called for something a little more special, so I gave her some holly berries and leaves.

You can't see the quilting very well on this one, but that's okay.  This is a quilt for her mom.  I know what it is to make a quilt for Momma.  Miss M's work of carefully selecting, laying out and piecing the fabric took center stage on this quilt.

And that's how it should be.