Thursday, December 13, 2012

Today's Photo Journal: Jiggity Jig!

Wow!  So, this marks the longest stretch without a posting since I revived and converted the blog in June.  I've been off traveling with SuperHusband and the Offspring.  We spent the last few days walking around the theme parks in Orlando and generally having a great time.  The photo above came from Hogsmeade in the Harry Potter area of Universal Studios.  Recognize Hermione's dress from the Yule Ball? 

I'd like to say I have lots more pictures of places and scenery to share, but surprisingly, the majority of our vacation photos came back looking like portraits.

You see, my priorities were elsewhere.  Let me explain...

My children captivate me -- at least, when I remember to pay attention. 

Already, I'm starting to see the innocence wear away from Big Boy's expressions.  It makes me downright wistful.

Then there are my own shortcomings as a mother.  Even staying home with them most of the time, I miss so much of their little lives by being preoccupied with things that won't amount to anything at the end of this life.

I'm not quite sure how to shut out the noise so I can hear the music, but with prayer and focus, I'm trying to do better.

And so, we took a vacation and reconnected as a family.  Heavens, it was theraputic to shut off the phone, leave behind the email, and refocus on my most beloved.  

The focus on this one's a little soft, but I love the pod of dolphins swimming behind him.

And so, in so many places of delight, I found myself just taking pictures of them.  Taking every opportunity to document wonder and joy on their little faces, along with some tender moments with Daddy, too.

I feel so blessed to have the means to take such a trip, and to have healthy, smart, curious children, not to mention a wonderful husband who knew this was just what we needed...a man who took it upon himself to plan all of it alone, as his wife sat by overwhelmed and distracted.

God has given so much to me. 

Who knew Disney World could be so cathartic?  :)